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Who is Your Inner Circle?

Who is in your inner circle? Your inner circle is made up of family and friends who are closest to you, who you go to advice on all levels from business, health, kids, family, and more. Who are the people that you surround yourself with – we call that the Inner Circle?
Is your mom in the Inner Circle? Most people would say “yes”! Mom is the no questions asked, quintessential support system. Whether you’re in a great mood or whether you’re feeling a little down, she’d be that person when you go to for an emotional pick me up. Right?
A few weeks back, my 14-year-old son, Jackson, and I were out of town together and we stopped for some chicken tenders at the local fast-food joint. I give my son the credit card let him go in on his own, 15 minutes goes by, and he walks back to the car, hands me in the card, and said, “don’t worry about it, just go.” Of course, I asked for more details, and he went on to tell me nobody would take his order. He said there were three people inside, but all they do is talk to each other. I decide to go through the drive through instead of outright leaving and as I pull up to pay, I hear them inside chatting away as my son described.
This was a great opportunity to teach my son about the Inner Circle. The 3 employees were probably good people, with goals and aspirations just like everyone else, but they were feeding off each other’s negatively and influencing each other to treat their customers with less respect than they would have likely expected for themselves. This is why the Inner Circle is so important.
The people in your Inner Circle should always be like minded and consistently positive in nature, who offer credible and sound advice. You should have different circles for different areas of your life.
I’ll call my mom for parenting advice and my dad if I need to figure out how to put something together, but I don’t necessarily call them for business advice. When seeking advice on a particular subject it is best to go to the person with experience on the topic and who has gone above your level; someone who has faced similar challenges and set-backs, but also overcame them. They don’t have to be perfect or lack failure to be in your Inner Circle – they just need to have a positive outlook, a hardworking attitude, and always wants to elevate the Circle.
When I was working and living in the karate world, I learned to take advantage of positive influences, we would go to tournaments and film people that were above my level, different age groups, and we’d film them, and I’d go home and watch these tapes. I’d pause, rewind, pause, slow mode, and I’d learn from those who were better than me. They were ap art of my Inner Circle of influence even if they didn’t know it.
Your mom can be in your Inner Circle but probably not the best person for financial advice and unless your dad’s got a six pack and is ripped he’s probably not the best guy to ask for health advice. You can still love them but put them in the correct part of your circle.

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