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20 Traits of Successful Attitudes

We all go through life making excuses for failed attempts at success. Rarely do we admit our personal flaws had anything to do with it but often is the case for such downfall. Blaming a lack of success on birthright, social status, or perceived advantages is just an excuse, but doesn’t have to be. You can make a choice; a choice to give it everything you’ve got, go big or go home, and not allow failure to be an option. It’s how I live my life and I’ll give you the roadmap. I have a list of twenty (20), non-negotiable life mantras that have helped to shape my life into what it is today. I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me. It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager who wants to start your first business, in your early working life just working a job for a paycheck, or if you are in a mid-life career and want something different. These tactics work for everyone once you decide it’s time to let go of all the excuses and muscle up.
If this list feels daunting, it should; it’s a life change. Start by picking one and once you’ve got that in a good groove, pick another one, until you have hit all 20.
1. Smile
Automatically you’re more attracted to and want to talk to a person who is happy and outwardly expressing it. Have you ever heard the term, “if you make it, they will come”? This comes from an old baseball movie, but the notion is that if you prepare for what you want, it will find its way to you and that is why having an outward attitude of well-being is important. Something I like to do to get prepared before I pick up the phone to call a new customer or even an existing one, I force myself to smile. It changes the entire tone of the phone call.
2. Problems are Opportunities
Pivot your way of thinking about problems and see them instead as opportunities to make an improvement. A defensive person sees a problem and they complain and point fingers to deflect blame, but someone who is opportunity oriented sees a problem as an opportunity to learn and grow. It sounds easy to say, but I’m going to tell you the next time you see something come at you, take a minute before you react, before you get all ticked off; instead try to flip it on its side. Look at it differently and ask yourself what the lesson is.
3. Work A Plan
I start every morning with an execution plan for that day; I do the same for my weekly and monthly plans. I write it on paper to hold myself accountable. I love writing on paper; it has a much different feeling to it than say an electronic device. The first time you do it it’s going to feel weird, but when you write things down you have a plan of action and at the end of the day you’re going to feel more accomplished when you can check off that you did what you set out to do that day. When you’re winning in a day, it’s easier to win in the week, and if you win in a week, you’re going to win in the month, if you win in the month, you’re going to win in the year. Make this a habit and you’ll be amazed at how much you get done in a day.
4. Show up Early
If someone tells you to be somewhere at 9:00 AM, doesn’t mean to show up at 9:04 AM. Don’t show up at 8:59 AM either, showing up early is not just about the time, showing up early also means being prepared. If you’re supposed to be somewhere at a certain time and then you show up, but you’re not ready for the interview, you’re not ready for that conversation. You’re not ready for that test and you’re not really early. You might be early on a timesheet, but you’re not mentally, physically, or emotionally prepared. Show up early and prepared.
5. Stay Late
Obviously if you show up early, you also have to stay late. Staying late means, if you’re supposed to clock out at 9:30 PM and at 9:29 PM you’re not looking at the clock, thinking “it’s only got a minute to go and I can be out of here”!
This isn’t because I’m an advocate of unpaid overtime or a fan of employers who overwork their staff, rather, staying late means staying until the job is done. Sometimes that can happen exactly when it’s supposed to and sometimes it doesn’t, but a true professional wouldn’t just drop it and go because the clock is ticking. Be a professional, demonstrate a work ethic, and leave when the job is done. of the phone call.
6. The Best Train the Most
Training your mind, training your heart, training your body in whatever your craft might be. Those who are truly successful in their fields, with a “winning” attitude, are not just training occasionally for their craft.
Tom Brady didn’t get to where he is by only training on days, he felt like it, when the sun was shining and the birds were singing. He trained every day, without question, regardless of how he felt. That is how you become the best.
7. Focus on the Solution, Not the Problem
A lot of people get bogged down because they see the problem and stay there; they get stressed out and take no action. They don’t consider solutions. They’re stuck and become negative in their talk. This is dangerous because it can spiral out of control and affect everyone around them including co-workers and clients. If this is you, you need to change your thought process. Today. The next time a problem presents itself, instead of focusing on the problem, focus on how you can fix it. Doing this a few times will create a healthier and more natural response to stress.
8. High Levels of Action
Don’t do just one thing, hoping you get a result the first time. If you go into a fight with only one technique and it doesn’t work, what happens? You lose. You must do 10 things with a lot of energy, at one time, and don’t bet on all 10 of them working. Have a plan, with back up plans, have pivot points, and come to the fight with an entire playbook.
9. Move Forward
How many times have you heard, “man, I can’t wait till I get to Saturday”? What happens on Saturday that is so great? Are you going to sit around watching TV and do nothing? Okay sometimes it’s okay to take a few hours for a Netflix and Chill moment, but successful people stay busy, every single day. They’re working that plan seven days a week, 365 days a year. Even when they’re on vacation. What is a vacation? I don’t even know! Even when they’re on vacation, they’re looking for ways to move forward and so should you.
10. Stay Busy and Consistent
Some of you probably started going to the gym at the first of the year, the gym has been packed, but already we are seeing a slowing down. What’s going to happen is, the people that “win” at exercise are the ones who just stay moving forward every single day because if you take three weeks off from the gym or three weeks off from dance or three weeks off for martial arts you basically have to start all over again. You have lost all momentum and starting over is hard so, if you just stay busy, and stay consistent, you’re going to win the battle.
11. Stay Positive
Sharing positive news cuts out the negative news. Don’t let the gossip pour in, don’t allow gossip or negativity to spread in your circle. Only spread the positive news, and if you’re sharing any gossip, it’s about how someone’s winning in their life. Jealousy has no place in your circle. Other people winning should motivate you, it should inspire you to ask yourself how you can mimic their positivity.
12. Never Ever, Ever Quit
I’m a seventh-degree black belt in martial arts, the only way I got there was never quitting. I celebrate 30 years this year, as a black belt in martial arts all it would have taken is one time, giving up and I wouldn’t be able to say that I had accomplished such a feat. 40 Years of martial arts training, and every single year there’s been at least one time every year, even this year, it’s going to happen – I’ve wanted to give up and quit. It’s human, it’s natural, but you must resist. You have a goal, a target to reach and nothing can stand in your way.
13. Read
Successful people read. Now let me add a little point to this, don’t just read books so you can brag to people about how many books you read. That is not going to do you any good, what I want you to do is read and then maybe read the book again; the same book, then, read it again. Don’t move on to the next book until you can comprehend everything that you’ve read and until you not only comprehend the information, but you can take action on it too. You can read for entertainment that’s okay, but also read for education, motivation, and inspiration more. Put that positive content into your head.
14. Potential Focused
Not past, but future focus. What is your potential and who can you become? I think it’s possible I’ll become a billionaire before I die. Ten years ago, if I would have thought that way or said that out loud, I would have thought I was crazy and so would a few others. I might be a little crazy right now, but it’s just math. If I keep moving forward, if I keep setting big targets, and I keep working towards them, it’s just a matter of time.
I’m focusing on my potential, where I can go, not where I’ve been. I don’t need to look back, I already know what that story is. Successful people are looking forward. They’re worried about their potential and how strong they can become physically and how strong they can become mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
15. Goal Focused
Focus on the goal at hand, the target matters. If you say you’re going to save five thousand dollars by the end of the year, if that’s the goal, the target, you don’t change the plan if you’re not getting there fast enough. Changing course mid-plan due to negativity or self-doubt isn’t the same as making a pivot or allowing flexibility in your plan. Whatever goal you set for yourself, there’s no excuses. Find a way to work through the painful moments, skip the Starbucks line, eat Peanut Butter and Jelly, and make the goal. Keeping your goal focused is massively important to do that massively important next one. No excuses.
16. Don’t Complain
Don’t complain about your circumstance, don’t complain about your opportunity, or lack thereof. A winning attitude person sees all the problems as opportunities. As you start complaining about circumstance or whatever the situation is, you’re going to start talking more negatively in every aspect of your life; it bleeds into everything.
17. Be Grateful
How many times have you spoken to someone and told them you’re grateful for the relationship that you have with them? How many times have you said even to yourself, you’re grateful for the opportunities you have in front of you? Sometimes we just get caught up in everything every single day and we forget to take a moment and be grateful for everything we have.
18. Push Your People
Don’t mistake a push for being a bully. A bully uses negative communication to belittle and berate the people around them. Positive and winning people, use healthy and positive communication to push, motivate, and inspire their circle to be and do better.
19. Seek New Challenges
A super tough one is seeking out new challenges. Average people don’t do this so we’re not talking about having an average attitude, we’re talking about having a winning attitude. To seek new challenges, new opportunities, you purposely go after things to stretch yourself; force yourself to grow as a person. Never get complacent, never get comfortable. I remember reading once about a shark, if the shark stops swimming, he dies. That constant forward progress is what a winning attitude looks like. Keep looking for new ways to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in every aspect of your life.

It takes 28 days to create a new habit, so start today and get ready for the new you in 28 days. If you need my help, I’d be honored. Reach out here.